Technical Assistance &
Pre-Development Fund Application

Our Pre-Development fund helps congregations create a framework for the development of affordable and supportive housing on their property.

Begin the Process


Up to $30,000 recoverable pre-development grant


Access to vetted expertise from affordable housing pre-development professionals


Collaboration with experts in the affordable housing and community development field

Be Guided

Guidance through a 6 phase pre-development process from project feasibility and joint venture agreement negotiations

What's pre-Development funds?

Pre-development funds cover a variety of expenses incurred in determining the feasibility of a particular project, such as the costs of preliminary financial applications, legal fees, architectural and engineering fees and other exploratory work.

Why IAHC's Pre-Development Funds Can Help

IAHC’s pre-development fund helps congregations to determine the viability of affordable and supportive housing development on their property and to move towards completion of that project. We are committed to ensuring diverse congregations throughout New York State have the opportunity to use their building and property assets to further their mission including addressing the housing and homelessness crisis in their community.


for funding

Step 01: Apply
for funding

Apply for our pre-development assistance to cover a variety of development expenses

Application Review

Step 02: Application Review

Once you complete the application to the best of your ability our team will review your application and reach out to you to discuss next steps in the pre-development process

Consultation Begins

Step 03: Consultation Begins

After an initial conversation and reviewing your completed application, we will begin an in depth consultation, if our team determines there could be a feasible project on your property.

Review These Steps to Begin The Pre-Development Process

We need to gather information about your project to determine whether you are eligible to apply for a pre-development grant to cover a variety of development expenses incurred to determine the feasibility of your project and to assemble an RFP or RFQ. Please review the steps and reach out to us for an initial consultation.

Review the pre-development process steps


If a developer offers me a substantial offer for the use of my property, what should I do?

Do not agree to anything without consulting with an attorney experienced in housing development who will represent you and only you with regards to this offer. Under no circumstances should the attorney be representing both the congregation and the developer.

Please contact IAHC as soon as possible for advice on moving forward with a project that is in the best interest of your congregation.

I want to reach out to the IAHC, what steps do I take?

Hello! You have made an important first step, please reach out to

My congregation has developable land, what do we do next?

Your congregation might benefit from initial assessments so you can determine what can be realistically developed on your property and begin to explore both housing and non-housing development options. The IAHC can assist with accessing services to help you make decisions about the possibility of development projects on your property and the potential of receiving recoverable grants to assist in the provision of these services. Connect with uto continue the conversation.

How can a user get in touch with us?

You can also reach out to our staff by emailing

What kinds of assistance does the IAHC offer?

The IAHC provides support for a range of technical pre-development assistance including zoning analysis, feasibility studies, massing studies, and other services.

How long does it take (to develop affordable housing)?

Affordable housing development is a multi-year process involving many different development entities, consultants, and service providers. The IAHC helps congregations through the initial stages of pre-development starting with project inception and feasibility in preparation for creating a request for proposals or request for qualifications, and negotiating a joint venture agreement with a development partner. 

How much funding is provided?

The IAHC provides recoverable grants of up to $30,000 and additional access to pro-bono and in-kind services.

What other organizations does the IAHC partner with?

The IAHC partners with a network of affordable housing development professionals, public policy advocates, government agencies, faith networks, and funding partners to create opportunities for FBOs to develop affordable housing.

What does “recoverable” mean?

This means that when an affordable housing project is completed, the initial pre-development grant is returned to the IAHC. If this pre-development grant does not lead to a development project of any kind, this recoverable grant does not need to re-paid.

What public policies can I help promote that will produce affordable housing?

The IAHC advocates for an end to homelessness and an increased supply of affordable housing including policies that will  produce affordable housing, prevent homelessness, and promote rental subsidies and affordable home ownership. Check out our case studies, blogs and events for more information on these initiatives.

How can I get involved in promoting public policy solutions to homelessness and the affordable housing crisis?

The Collaborative and our partners are involved with an evolving set of public policy initiatives. If you would like to participate and support our policy platforms, go to the public policy section of our website  or write to us at

You can also sign up for IAHC partner newsletter or call them to learn more.

1. Interfaith Assembly on Homelessness and Housing,, Marc Greenberg, Executive Director at 917-913-0098

2. New York State Council of Churches,, Peter Cook, Executive Director, 508-308-8289