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Up to $30,000 recoverable pre-development grant


Access to vetted expertise from affordable housing pre-development professionals


Collaboration with experts in the affordable housing and community development field

Be Guided

Guidance through a 6 phase pre-development process from project feasibility and joint venture agreement negotiations

Be Informed

About public policies that promote affordable housing


I want to reach out to the IAHC, what steps do I take?

Hello! You have made an important first step, please reach out to our executive officers Marc Greenberg ( or Peter Cook ( to set up an initial call with our team.

My congregation has developable land, what do we do next?

Your congregation might benefit from initial assessments so you can determine what can be developed on your property and begin to explore both housing and non-housing options. The IAHC can assist with procuring these services through recoverable grants. Connect with us to continue the conversation.

How can a user get in touch with us?

You can also reach out to our Project Manager by emailing

What kinds of assistance does the IAHC offer?

The IAHC supports a range of technical pre-development assistance including zoning analysis, feasibility studies, massing studies, and other services.

How long does it take (to develop affordable housing)?

Affordable housing development is a multi-year process involving many different development entities, consultants, and service providers. The IAHC helps congregations through the initial stages of predevelopment starting with project inception and feasibility and seeks to assist congregations up the RFP phase.  

How much funding is provided?

The IAHC provides up to $30,000 in funding and additional access to pro-bono and in-kind services.

What other organizations does the IAHC partner with?

The IAHC partners with public policy advocates, government agencies, other faith networks, and funding partners to create opportunities for FBOs to develop affordable housing.

What does “recoverable” mean?

This means that when an affordable housing project is completed, the initial pre-development grant is returned to the IAHC. If the project never comes to fruition, it does not need to be repaid.

What public policies can I help promote that will produce affordable housing?

The IAHC advocates for an end to homelessness. Check out our blogs and events for more information on our work.

How can I get involved in public policy promotion?

If you would like to participate and support our policy platforms, you can reach out to Marc Greenberg (