Guide to Our Pre-Development & Process

Our six-phase process guides congregations from initial property assessment through the implementation of a development agreement

the first step

Phase 01: Discernment

Congregations complete an initial intake and their projects are reviewed for viability

Action: Initial conversations with congregations and a representative of the IAHC, FBO completes intake form, experts perform legal, architectural, and organizational review of project feasibility

the second step

Phase 02: Preparing the Application

As a prerequisite to negotiate a development agreement with a development partner, the FBO prepares a grant application to IAHC describing the tasks which will be completed in preparation for the development of a Request for Proposals or Request for Qualifications (RFP or RFQ)  The IAHC grant covers all phases of predevelopment leading up to but not including the negotiation of a development agreement. 

In addition, the applicant must include a description of the congregation’s plan to secure funding to retain an attorney to lead these development agreement negotiations. 

The IAHC will assist the applicant in identifying funding for the legal representation in development agreement negotiations and we will require the  attorney represents only the FBO (and not the developer) in this negotiation, IAHC and will assist the FBO in verifying that the attorney representing them has no conflict of interest.   

Action:  In preparing an application for a pre-development grant from IAHC,  the FBO selects a Project Coordinator (approved by IAHC)  who will assemble a team of professionals to help the FBO gather needed information about its property and the parameters of a potential affordable housing development and to prepare an RFQ or RFP. The application is sent to IAHC for review revision and potential approval.  is sent to IAHC Outreach and Assessment Once approved an award letter is sent to FBO. 

the third step

Phase 03: Completion of Scope of Work

After the application for pre-development grant, which details the scope of work, is approved, the project coordinator and other professionals, on behalf of the FBO, gather and evaluate the information outlined application.(ie. property appraisal, zoning analysis, potential financing, architectural) and completes the scope of work.

Action: Under the guidance of the project coordinator, the scope of work which is specified in the application is completed and a letter is issued by the project coordinator verifying that the FBO is now ready to assemble a request for proposal (RFP) or a request for qualifications (RFQ).

the Fourth step

Phase 04: Request for Qualification or Development

Once the scope or work is satisfactorily completed, the next phase is to describe the project in the form of an RFP or RFQ which is marketed to potential development partners who will enter into a development agreement with the FBO.

Action: Project Coordinator assembles the RFQ or RFP using the information gathered in Phase 3; RFQ or RFP is marketed and responses from developers are invited.

the FIFTH step

Phase 05: Negotiating the Development Agreement

When a developer is identified for a project, the development agreement will be negotiated on behalf of the FBO with the assistance of an attorney who will represent the FBO exclusively. The FBO must identify that attorney (who could be but is not required to be the project coordinator for phases 1 to 4). That attorney will guide the FBO through the process of negotiating a Development Agreement. The joint venture agreement specifies how and when the IAHC grant will be repaid.

Action: Developer is identified.  Project Coordinator and/or Attorney representing the FBO negotiates the Development Agreement.

the SIXTH step

Phase 06: Implementation of the Development Agreement

The development agreement is executed.  FBOs and their  partners will seek funding from government and private sources and will partner to secure multiple municipal approvals and building permits.

Actions: Executing the work plan specified in the development agreement including obtaining site control. presenting to zoning boards, applying for tax credit and other forms of funding, and partnering with supportive service agencies.

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